Get your car servicing & registration inspections done in one convenient location

You won’t get a better price on car (including European model), caravan and trailer servicing in Ballina than at Clarkys Auto Care. We are also an Authorised Safety Check Inspection Station (ASCIS) for your pink and blue slip needs. Located on Convair Ave, you can walk to the Ballina Central Shopping Centre in just 3 minutes while you wait for your car to be serviced. To book in your car, caravan or trailer, please contact our team today.

Oil Change — Caravan & Trailer Mechanical in Ballina, NSW

Logbook Servicing

Our mechanics will change your oil filter, engine oil, top-up all fluids, check your battery, perform a full safety inspection PLUS give you a free car wash.

As an authorised service centre, we are able to stamp your logbook, keeping your new car 
warranty intact. By having your car or 4WD serviced every 6 months or 10,000km, you’re helping to detect any problems before they become larger and more costly. Our mechanics work by your manufacturers specifications, and will advise you of any faults or possible problems we come across.


European super car — Caravan & Trailer Mechanical in Ballina, NSW

European Servicing

If you have a European car, you know how hard it can be to find an affordable mechanic to do a good job of servicing your vehicle. Look no further. At Clarkys Auto Care, our Ballina mechanics are trained and qualified to work on European cars of all makes and models.

Runway van — Caravan & Trailer Mechanical in Ballina, NSW

Caravan & Trailer Servicing

Did you know your caravan and trailer need servicing too? The general rule for how often you should have your caravan or trailer serviced is every 12 months or 2,000km, whichever comes first. Your caravan or trailer dealer should be able to tell you how often you require a service, or call our mechanics for their honest recommendation.As with a car service, we will perform a thorough safety inspection of your caravan, topping up levels and taking note of any problem areas. We will then let you know how your service went, including any issues or potential issues we may have located.Is it time you had your caravan or trailer serviced? Book in today!
Approved — Caravan & Trailer Mechanical in Ballina, NSW

Registration Inspections (Pink & Blue Slips)

As well as being a fully equipped mechanical workshop, we are an Authorised Safety Check Inspection Station (ASCIS). This is for cars and 4WDs, as well as caravans and trailers with breakaway brakes.

What’s the difference between a pink and blue slip?

Pink Slip: An annual inspection required for vehicles more than 5 years old so your registration can be approved.
Blue slip: An inspection required for selling a vehicle without registration or re-registration.

We can provide both pink and blue slips on vehicles that pass the relevant inspection. If your vehicle requires repairs to meet passing standard, we are happy to assist with whatever you need.

Repairing an engine — Caravan & Trailer Mechanical in Ballina, NSW

Basic Servicing

Includes oil and filter check/change, fluid top up, full site inspection.

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